Typing Races

Boost your typing speed while having fun!
  • Quick Start

    Typing Races is a modern typing tutor designed to help you learn proper touch typing skills. It is also a social racing game where you can compete against other players while improving typing speed and accuracy. You can begin quickly by choosing one of three racing modes: normal, faultless, or marathon. Each mode is unique in experience and serves a different purpose, helping you to increase typing speed, accuracy and rhythm.
    Start Billboard
    Select Race Billboard
  • The Race

    After selecting a racing mode, you will be connected to a race that is about to begin or initiate a new race. The time to connect with other players is 10 seconds, which is usually enough to get reasonable number of opponents. As soon as you see the text, start typing. The faster you type, the faster your car moves. The speed is measured in cpm (characters per minute).
    The Race
  • Levels and Experience

    When the race is finished, you will see what place you came and how many experience points you earned. The faster and more accurately you typed, the more points you will have received. Experience points are needed to get you to the next level. Each level has minimum typing speed requirements with which you have to type. With every new level you achieve, you will unlock more cars in the garage. You may use these cars at any time.
    Levels and Experience
  • Learn Touch Typing

    Touch Typing is training your fingers to remember key positions on the keyboard without using your eyes as guides, they must remain looking at the screen. You must train your brain to choose the correct fingers to hit specific keys. To help you with this task, there is a keyboard and hands shown on the screen which highlight the keys you are supposed to hit and which fingers you are supposed to use. When you become more confident in your touch typing skills, you can hide the keyboard and hands to avoid distraction.
  • Missions

    Missions are the perfect way to learn touch typing and increase your typing speed. There are two categories of Missions - Discovery and Progression. Firstly, Discovery is designed for beginners - it will guide you through all the keys on the keyboard helping your fingers to remember all of them. After completing Discovery Missions you should be able to comfortably type without looking at the keyboard.
    Discovery Missions
    The second category of Missions, Progression, can be purchased separately and is designed to challenge more advanced typers.
    Progression Missions
  • What's inside Missions

    Each Mission consists of 25 tasks of increasing difficulty. You will be given texts in these tasks and these will challenge you either in speed or accuracy. Once you have completed the task, you will receive 1 to 3 stars depending on how many typos you made. You may repeat the task to improve how many stars are earned. You must receive 3 stars in all tasks in order to accomplish 'Perfect Completion' status of your Mission and to receive a new car in your garage.
    Inside Missions
  • Leaderboards and Achievements

    Learning is great, but competition is also motivating. On leaderboards you will see all racer's records and levels. You can filter it by time and race type. For completing missions, as well as for achieving levels you will get various achievements.
    Challenge yourself and see if you can make it into our top ten!
  • Play with Friends

    Competing with your own friends makes competition even hotter. Start a private race and invite your friends to join. They will get a notification to join the race. If you're already playing and one of your friends comes online, you will get immediate notification about it.
  • Social Integration

    Integration with Facebook makes it easier to connect with friends, see each other's records, levels and achievements. If you want to see some of your friends using Typing Races, you can send them requests right from the game.
  • Typing Races for Schools

    Learning is effective if it's fun and entertaining, which makes this game a perfect typing tutor. Special Version of Typing Races is available educational institutions. To get more information and access the teachers' portal please visit http://edu.typingraces.com
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